Nostalgia – Goblins

Has anyone been around long enough to remember Goblins?

It was a bar on Bedford Hill. At number 90 – where Krua, the Thai restaurant is now. It was probably best known for being a place where… well, how can I put it? A place where you could often get a drink long after no legal avenue was available to you. This was in the days before all-day licensing. Back then, most pubs closed at 11pm every night.

After Goblins closed, the site became a series of restaurants. I remember Sadya being a particular favourite – it was an Indian.

And now the site is a Thai restaurant. I’ve only been there once, but I thought it was pretty good.

Were you ever involved in a Goblins lock-in? Do you remember any of the other restaurants that have been on that site?

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