Queuing for Milk

Why do people queue for brunch at Milk?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think the brunch at Milk is great. I certainly don’t subscribe to Melissa Kite’s “left-wing breakfast” nonsense. But every weekend there are huge queues outside.

Surely no brunch is worth queuing for. Or is this some Balhamite social custom that I’m unaware of?

One Reply to “Queuing for Milk”

  1. Ridiculous. People are so anxious to be seen to be at the allegedly k3Wl places that they’ll actually stand in line to pay £9.99 for an egg! I will never queue for restaurants – to expect people to stand out in the street in order to give you money shows a total disrespect for the customer. Just take reservations – it’s not hard.

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