Queuing for Milk

Why do people queue for brunch at Milk?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think the brunch at Milk is great. I certainly don’t subscribe to Melissa Kite’s “left-wing breakfast” nonsense. But every weekend there are huge queues outside.

Surely no brunch is worth queuing for. Or is this some Balhamite social custom that I’m unaware of?

French Cafe Closes

Another sad entry in the “use it or lose it” files. The French Cafe on Ritherdon Road has closed down.

I didn’t go there as often as I should have, but every time I was there I had a great time.

As always, please let us know if you find out what’s going to take its place.

Nostalgia – The Balham Tandoori

Does anyone else remember the Balham Tandoori?

It was on the site of what is now The Balham Lounge. It was the only Indian restaurant I’ve ever come across that was run by a West Indian.

He was a lovely old chap though. Whenever we went in we would be the only people in there. He’d greet us like old friends and ask us if we wanted our usual. He would then bring us something completely random from the menu.

Thinking about it, it’s pretty clear why it closed down!

Coffee Update

There are three types of shop that Balhamites just can’t get enough of – hairdressers, estate agents and coffee shops.

Recently, Lavish Habit closed down and turned into Esquires Coffee. But that, of course, didn’t alter the number of coffee shops in the area (which remained static at 784). But this week the covers came off the building work on the site of the old casino on the high street. And it was revealed as a…

Costa Coffee!

Not sure when it will be opening. But it will be Balham’s 785th coffee shop. I can’t put it better than Aaron Bonner did:

Balham House – Blink and You Miss It

The Balham Arms (a rather nice pub) closed down earlier this year and a couple of months later it re-opened as Balham House. I believe it was more of a restaurant than a pub, but I can’t be sure because, before I managed to get there to try it out, it closed down.

Apparently, they sold all their gear in a sale.

The site still stands empty. Let us know if you hear what’s going to happen to it.

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