Nostalgia – Goblins

Has anyone been around long enough to remember Goblins?

It was a bar on Bedford Hill. At number 90 – where Krua, the Thai restaurant is now. It was probably best known for being a place where… well, how can I put it? A place where you could often get a drink long after no legal avenue was available to you. This was in the days before all-day licensing. Back then, most pubs closed at 11pm every night.

After Goblins closed, the site became a series of restaurants. I remember Sadya being a particular favourite – it was an Indian.

And now the site is a Thai restaurant. I’ve only been there once, but I thought it was pretty good.

Were you ever involved in a Goblins lock-in? Do you remember any of the other restaurants that have been on that site?

Nostalgia – The Balham Tandoori

Does anyone else remember the Balham Tandoori?

It was on the site of what is now The Balham Lounge. It was the only Indian restaurant I’ve ever come across that was run by a West Indian.

He was a lovely old chap though. Whenever we went in we would be the only people in there. He’d greet us like old friends and ask us if we wanted our usual. He would then bring us something completely random from the menu.

Thinking about it, it’s pretty clear why it closed down!